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With an explosive smile, Johnny dispenses tasty treats to the “wholesome” citizens of his small vacation town. One Saturday shift reveals that all is not well in Johnny's life. He rebels against the prison that is his job and life, as the musical jingle from his truck slowly drives him towards madness.

Years past, Johnny succumbed to a nervous breakdown, forcing him to drop out of his final year of University physics. He picked up and moved out to the popular lake-side town of Port Elgin, to live a peaceful and simpler life. He optimistically took on the job of an ice cream truck driver.

Years later, the job and the people in town, have begun to grind on his nerves. The job is repetitive, the people demanding, and poor old Johnny finds himself under-stimulated. Despite his mastery of the job, he's been letting things slide. On his last work day at the end of a long week, everything comes crashing down around him in one massive cluster-fuck. He's forced to come to grips with the choices he's made in life, before it's too late.

Genre: . Comedy

Format: . Feature Film, Live Action.

Screenplay: . 99 pages.

Themes: . Regret, burnout, and life acceptance.

Support Materials: . The screenplay, budget, tentative production schedule, storyboards, vfx demo, business model (for Angry Bear Film Productions), and business plan.

The Ice Cream Jingle from Hell

In the screenplay “Ice Cream Man”, our driver Johnny has one monumentally bad day. His route starts out rough and continues to race downhill fast. Whether it's his accidental sale of ice cream to a senile diabetic man, or the discovery that his girlfriend is secretly filming porn parody based on their favourite sci-fi tv show, things just keep getting shittier and shittier.

Between the random escalating calamities, you'd think Johnny would be able to find himself moments of serenity. That is where his truck's malfunctioning speaker system comes into play. Every time he turns on the ignition to his truck, the musical jingle blasts in his ears with distorted fury.

By the end of this disaster of a day, it all becomes too much. Johnny starts to hear various ice cream truck jingles everywhere he goes; in the barks of dogs, the ring of his cell phone, the tap of fingers, and in the twinkle of stars.

Musical Hallucination

Words can only say so much. That is why I created a visual effects demo of one of Johnny's musical hallucinations. Although ICM will be shot live-action, I made use of digital models and sets to give you an idea of how one of those hallucinations might play out.

The epic disaster of a day has come to an end, and his truck sits abandoned at the local skate park, tank empty. Johnny lies on his bed - mentally fatigued - and stares up at his model spaceships.

Music for the demo was composed by Janal Bechthold. Visual Effects were created by Nikola Panic. 3D Previsualizion was put together by Chris Griffin using ”Frameforge Previz”.

If you love twisted and zany comedies, I ask you, please sign.

I've been developing "Ice Cream Man" for since the summer of 2016. The screenplay is complete and the project has been budgeted. I'm in the process of seeking out producing partners and investors for the film.

I created this petition in order to gather signatures from film fans who might have an interest in watching a film like "Ice Cream Man". I believe these signatures will help provide producers and investors with some further confidence in the potential of this film. I can use all the help and support I can get.

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