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Ian Huntley is up for a transfer to a Broadmoore prison luxury suite which he will enter when building work is complete-some time in 2004. This suite will include a colour tv, playstation, an Argos Catalogue with a £40 per week allowance from the tax-payers money, a tailor to custom edit or alter any mail order clothes which don't fit or suit him and much more. He will also have his own room key to enter and leave his suite at will and will have a free telephone which he has complete access to, no numbers barred.
This guy murdered TWO TEN YEAR OLD GIRLS. Holly and Jessica's incredible parents have had to face over a year of grief since their daughters were taken away from them and after Huntley was found guilty and awarded life imprisonment they must have thought they had a least some closure. Instead he will experience a lifestyle for which most people living out on the streets would do anything to be given. Do you really want to live in a country where there are homeless people spending these Christmas nights in cardboard boxes whilst paedophiles and murderers are rewarded like this.
Of course he has to stay in Broadmoore for the rest of his life but with a lifestyle like that why would he want to leave? This is hardly a punishment to fit the crimes!
To make things even worse all of these luxuries that thousands in Britain are deprived of are being bought with taxpayer's money!
So a family, who can't afford a TV or games console (let alone £40 a week on Argos and a tailor) because they are trying to feed themselves, must pay tax so that Huntley can have everything that they can't.

Please sign the petition below to keep Huntley in a normal prison or one of the current Broadmoore suites so that the taxpayer's money can be spent on people who actually deserve it.

We demand that Ian Huntley is kept in a standard prison just like any other murderer and will only recieve the basic necessities such as food and excercise.

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