Snouts in troughs
United Kingdom

In an effort to curb excessive expense claims it is necessary to allow transparency and to humiliate those who abuse the trust of the British public.
The following proposal would allow just that with the added bonus of making London a popular tourist attraction by utilising The Tower Of London and restoring it to it's original use.

MP's would be able to show what it is like to get their five a day, usually placed in stocks, with free pineapples offered for the most inventive suggestion of the day.

There will be no "Order Order" as most things will be out of order, including the helipad and tennis court.
This proposal would save millions - enough to pay a few bankers pensions, and put a smile on many a face for those willing to pay to view the spectacle.

Elf 'N Safety would be paramount, so thumbscrews, manacles and guillotines would be tested on a regular basis, all in the best possible taste.

We the undersigned hereby call for one central London residence to be used by MP's when away from their constituencies.

Accommodation would be basic, perhaps restrictive and subject to overcrowding though in most cases this would be temporary.

A diet of bread and would be supplied, easy access to nearby running water, occasional fruit peltings, two toilets and perfect views would compliment this ultimate refurbished once popular des res, as only the best will do.

Bring your own bath plug.

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