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Malta Planning Authority / MEPA

The Spinola area is one of Malta's iconic places. Almost all photos albums showcasing Malta have a photo of the Spinola bay.

Residents and tourists alike frequent it all year round but residents are a small community that has been harmed by constant developments that do not seem to ever end.

While it is possible to see 12 construction cranes from the bay itself, the tiny single lane one way adjacent street (Spinola road) has 6 notices of developments (PA/04721/99, PA/01735/16, PA/02953/16, PA/03491/16, PA/03219/16 and PA/03679/15)

Recently 2 of the submitted applications propose to tear down buildings, digging an underground parking and rebuild on top. These 2 applications are 20 meters apart.

The residents already suffer a host of problems from traffic, commercial trucks blocking garages, tourist bus, etc. and a lot of jams have been generated from trucks from the Portomaso construction site at the end of the road.

Such a small area cannot handle two more sites, Let alone side by side, as it would cause ridiculous problems.

In regards to petitions PA/03219/16 and PA/03491/16, while we understand developments may be good for the community, it needs also to be done by involving the community.

We request a meeting with the planning authority / MEPA and the developers to discuss the options.

Some of the topics to be discussed with the community are:

- Developments should propose dates that do not overlap each other and respect their timelines.
- A proper plan for handling traffic, noise, dirt and dust needs to be discussed and with the residents.
- Guarantees should be put in place to compensate residents from any damages arising from these two sites.
- How will the new development preserve the historical character of the area?

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