Agawam School Committee/Agawam High School Administration
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As the Town of Agawam expands so does the number of families. The high school parking lot needs to increase in size as to allow for the number of students that need to park.

One can see that each year the number of students increases and we need to increase our parking spaces to accomodate this.

Until then we need to allow any available spaces to be given to juniors who meet a certain criteria.

The Junior class would like the opportunity to be able to park in the upper high school parking lot.

After Seniors spaces are utilized based upon meeting their criteria, the extra spaces should be utilized by juniors who can show they own a car, have a current license and the time of the request and are not failing any courses based upon the high schools criteria for maintaining eligibility (the same used for athletics) and have no disciplinary issues.

If enough spaces are not available than either a first come first serve basis or a lottery system can be used.

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