#Students' Rights
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In the Hudson High School library, students aren't allowed to have more than 4 people at a table. Myself, as well as many others, believe this rule is unnecessary and unfair, as we as students should be allowed to sit wherever we want and with whoever we want. I understand that teachers don't want 15-20 people crowded around one small, circular table, but these tables can comfortably fit 8 people. Teachers must understand that as a student, we want to sit with our friends, and help each other out with schoolwork, homework, projects, and other such assignments. If students are being loud or disrespectful, then the teacher or librarian can break them up or punish them accordingly, but don't let these ignorant people ruin it for the rest of us. I hope that by creating this petition, people in Hudson High School (and possibly even other schools) will sign it and give us the freedom to sit wherever we want in the school library.

We, the students of Hudson High School, would like the school and it's staff to allow us to sit with more than 4 people at a table in the school library.

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