#Child Protection
United States of America

Help Pass The Internet Pornography Age Verification Act. Currently children have complete and unrestricted access to internet pornography. Parents and educators have the obligation to install filters to try and protect children from what they are seeing. But it is not working. It is about time that we hold these websites accountable for what children are accessing. Currently it is a felony for an adult to send a nude photo to a child via email or text. These websites are sending photos to millions of children, with no consequences. This is hurting our children and it needs to stop now! Promise Land Men's Ministries has figured out a way to almost completely eliminate access of internet pornography to children. We need your help to get this to Congress so they can create legislation.

We, the undersigned, call on The House of Representatives and The Senate to pass this legislation to eliminate access of internet pornography from children. We demand that Promise Land Men's Ministries and its representatives have a hearing in front of Congress to discuss the legislation that needs to pass.

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