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My ten year old daughter was excitedly awaiting her 11th sleepover birthday party. While she and her friends were enjoying what was supposed to be an exciting night, her father secretly set up a video camera in our bathroom and video taped these girls using the bathroom and undressing.

I found the tapes upon cleaning and when I saw what was on them a friend and I called the police. The police took the tapes and a year battle in court pursued with his lawyer committing stall tactics. He had control over all our assets and when he finally got a slap on the wrist and was sent to jail for less than a year, we are told we have no rights, he was able to take all our possession and leave us about to be homeless and no monies to start over.

The law has no rights for victims under these circumstances and we were told to "shut up and move on with your life". While he was going through courts he was able to work two jobs and do a few episodes of Rescue Me. My daughter and I are scraping by to find a new home and were left with a great debt while he doesn't have to do anything for us! The law is treating us like criminals that, we made our choice by reporting him and now we have to except the circumstances.

Please I beg you, he got a slap on the wrist and we are the ones who lost everything! The lawyers have told me that it's not worth a lawsuit cause he doesn't have to comply(he never complied with all the stipulated agreements) I want justice and we keep getting places in front a stone wall!

The law treats voyeurs as innocent, but the victims are left to struggle with the aftermath and there is no help available! Please Help, Make congress pass laws for compensation and/or help for victims of this heinous crime!

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