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Let me introduce you my older brother, Edum. Teenager who is 23 years old in April. From birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and polio. Everyday, he only sleeps in his favorite bamboo bed and eat.

He is paralyzed, unable to walk, speak, hear, see, or other gifts that God has given to us.

Here's where it gets worse...
Recently, he was affected by malnutrition because of our inability to give him enough nutrition. He become very thin. I hope i can feed him enough.

There is nothing we can do for him except taking care of him with we have. He needs other people to survive, while me, his younger brother works as a farmer whose income is uncertain. My income is not enough to feed my younger brother, my mother, my grandmother and also more attention for my older brother. Oh yeah, my grandma is also very old. She can't walk anymore. She only lie on the bed. Sometimes my grandma is a bit fussy, but I understand it.

I am the backbone of our family. And recently, our house almost collapsed because of the sloping wall. I know I have to work harder for our shelter before the rainy season comes again. Immediately!

I once thought of laying off my brother for school. Even though it's only elementry school, the cost is quite expensive. I can hardly fulfit it. But, I have to fight for him, for the sake of the future he becomes a useful child, one day.

Here’s what we’re doing about it
Basically, I am an independent person, but for this time I need your help to provide more nutrition for Edum and my grandma, send my younger brother to school, buy a wheelchair, renovate a house and many order primary needs.

We don't know whether our house will collapse inthe near future, but we have to walk forward.

If you can help us, we will be very grateful. We will use the best whatever you have given to us. Please share this page with your networks far and wide, we need all the help we can get.

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