Stephen Harper

The Election of a majority government in Canada has enabled the Conservative Party to move forward with many initiatives. Manitoba Premier Greg Sellinger has financed an ad campaign to promote saving the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly of the sale of grain in Canada.

Canadian Farmers rely on the Wheatboard to control the price of Grain and ensure they are able to sell their grain at fair market prices. Eliminating the monolpoly will open up competition to outside forces like larger American Corporations like Cargill, et al. This will put downward pressure on Grain prices and force many Canadian Farmers out of the business.

As Canadians it is in our best interest to insulate our farmers from outside competition and insure we are able to sustain our current way of life.

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to maintain the status quo with regards to the Candian Wheatboard's status as a monopoly.

It is our belief that Farmers rely on the Wheatboard to maintain a fair price for their goods.

It is our fear that elimination of the Wheatboard will lead to lower grain prices and lead to an increase in foreign ownership of our land.

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