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On Sept. 14, 2009 we went to Big South Fork National Park in Tennessee. There we came across a homestead farm built in the 1800's by Jonathan Blevins but the land had continued to be worked until the early 1980's by the then said owner, Oscar Blevins. He was told he would have to leave his home of 50 years so the Government could declare Mr. Blevins land and other homesteads in the area as well as the forest surrounding these homesteads a National Park.

Oscar Blevins did not want to leave his home but the Government declared his home and land condemned and seized it from him. I was outraged when I read all this on the history of the farm right there on Oscar Blevin's property.

I am asking that you sign this petition if you feel that it is wrong for the government to seize property from a home owner to build roadways, parks or for any other reason.

I believe that if we spend our money to buy property or we build property then no one, including the government should be able to seize it from us by condemning it if we refuse to take money or anything else they might offer us in exchange.

I will take this petition to the proper authorities and try to get this law changed. Thank you for your support.

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