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Everyday most of our teenagers complain that what they are learning in high school is unnecessary. Most parents can't even help their children with their homework anymore, because it is so irrelevant that they do not even remember how to do it.

My point is, teenagers are not learning what they need for everyday life after they graduate. Instead all they are getting is book smarts, which they already learned in elementary and middle school, but in high school it is just at a more advanced level.

What needs to be changed is that the mandatory and elective classes should be flipped because most of the elective classes are those that teach you what you need in everyday life.

On the other hand the mandatory classes such as Math, Science, and History are not needed after learning the basics of it in elementary school and middle school, unless you want a career in which you use those subjects, which is why they should be changed to electives.

We, the undersigned, call on the Department of Education to allow us to create new high schools in which our children's mandatory classes will be that of advanced Home Economics, Computer classes, Drivers Education, English and Language Arts, Mechanics, and some sort of classes that will teach them how to pay bills, and get through successful job interviews.

We feel that the electives should then be everything else, including the different Math classes, Science classes, and History classes.

This way our children will be more prepared for the "real world" after they graduate, and can then go on to college, if they so choose, and learn what they feel they would like a career in.

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