Senator of Wisconsin, Herb Kohl

Music, like any other art form, finds its true meaning through public exposure, and its artists, the musicians, often feel the most validated through their public performances.

'T-Man' Tallan Latz, a 9 year old blues guitar prodigy, is being denied public performances in bars due to his young age. He started the guitar at the age of 4 and in less than 3 years has managed to perform countless times in bars and clubs saving up for college. His virtuosity has earned him to play in the infamous Chicago's House of Blues as well as jam with major names like Jackson Browne and Les Paul.

In the summer of 2008, Carl Latz, Tallan's father, received a letter from the state of Wisconsin informing him that his son could not play his regular venues anymore as a result of an anonymous e-mail sent to state officials complaining that he was violating child labor laws by performing in taverns as a minor.

The law states that no one under the age of 16 can perform in a 'roadhouse, cabaret, dance hall, tavern, night club, or any other similar place', although minors are allowed to drink under the supervision of a parent. So Tallan's dad can buy his 9 year old son a beer, but as soon as he hands him his guitar, it is considered child endangerment.

Let us also note that shortly before this letter was anonymously sent to a state official, Tallan's booking agent received threat letters urging her to stop booking his gigs. Tallan's genius is not only being repressed by laws blindly applied, but also by frustrated people who are wary of seeing a young musician succeed with such ease.

As the youngest blues performer in the world, Tallan's unique talent deserves to be encouraged and recognized by all possible means instead of restricted. If such a law is to be enforced when there is clearly no sign of child abuse, and both the child and his parents are obviously consenting, then that law needs to be changed.

To be denied your right to perform in a live music establishment because of your age is discriminating and is unconstitutional. Such legal action undermines the value the United States gives to promoting its musical and cultural heritage.

For this reason, we the undersigned demand that case law be applied here, and that Tallan Latz be allowed to perform in any type of the music club he and his parents deem appropriate. If you want to help Tallan and future young prodigy's promote their art publicly, vote yes to this petition.

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