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The earth shook once, it was 4:53 in the afternoon. It was suppose to be a regular day. I was seating in the front seat lost in my thoughts thinking about what to fix for dinner. When we started to shake the second time, I realized that something was going very wrong. In just 30 seconds, we lost the compass of our lives. We got stuck in traffic for over 4 hours. The house on our left collapsed, but this old lady didn’t have the time to escape. She spent 4 hours begging for help; my 7 year old son spent 4 hours crying and sreaming because My husband and I were among the people helping to get her out. He was scared we would die. I had a choice then: save a life or be selfish and stay by son? (or would that be selfish?) I decided to help, it would kill me if everyone had ignored my mother. I guess either way my decision would have been the wrong one at that time. While I’m preparing this petition, 8 months already past yet, the scream of that lady and the fear of loosing his parents are still vivid in my sons mind. Today, I want to take the right and the fair decision towards my boys.

My decision to start this venture came about when, these kids have been faced by yet another tragedy that no child, anywhere should experience. Now a series of kidnappings targeting kids. They break in peoples house at night, kill, rape, beat and terrorise evryone in the house hold. I know that they are a lot American kids around the world who would have loved to move with there parents to the states. But I am a mother who will not give up on the physical and emotional well being of my kids.

Thus this petition to help us bring our family in a safer environment. I need my boys to enjoy 8 hours of sleep. I want them to go to school with out worrying about how much concrete, about dying. I want them to go to a birthday party and have fun and not ask me what time is it all the time. I want them to laugh, play, relax and be kids. They are Americans; help your own.

If you are parents then you know how I feel please log on to this website and sign this petition:
They are so proud of being Americans, please help your own. Consider it as helping three American boys, not a Haitian mother.

If you believe that all American children deserve the same life. Than, your signature is important.
If you believe that all American kids should have a secure, sanitary, healthy life and the right to a good education, your signature is important.
1 signature = 3 happy boys.

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