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Warwrick kershaw killed his partner's 3-yrd-old daughter in palmerston North June 2003. Kershaw is x-army, and claimed he was stressed. This is an adult male who was specifically trained in brute strength, claiming that a blow from the back of his hand would be less servere that that of a close fist or even the palm of his hand.

Kershaw recieved a 3 year sentence and may only serve 2/3rds before he is released. The grieving family of the innocent child will go on to grieve long after that 3 year period. Kershaw will undoubtably pick up where he left off.

Over the past decade there have been horrendous violent and abusive crimes against children. The sentences given to the perpetrators however, have been minimal, reflecting the lack of value we have placed on our children.

The current Justice System does not reflect the Victim Impact, but rather justifies the perpetrators of violent crime.

We must speak up, and unite in an effort to have harsher sentences for Child Killers. Lets not give these people any more mixed messages about how we should treat our children, lets make it clear that our children are precious.

New Zealanders Need Harsher Sentences for Child Killers. Some are literally getting away with manslaughter, and serving minimal sentences, getting out and picking up where they left off. How precious are your children? Let's make it clear, sign this petition to enforce Harsher Sentences.

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