#Animal Rights
Singapore Citizens and Residents

The numbers of animal abuse, abandonment and neglect are increasing.

Pets are frequently bought without much thought into their welfare for the long run. These owners often abandon their pets when faced with unexpected difficulties (which are to be expected in any relationship).

This contributes to increasing numbers of strays who are vulnerable to abuse.

We also realise that the cases of abuse (especially for strays) are often neglected with little to no follow up simply because strays have little rights (without a human owner).

We propose that there should be harsher penalties for ALL cases of animal abuse, regardless of ownership, as well as harsher penalties for animal abandonment.
It is common knowledge that the way a society treats its animals reflect the way we treat each other.

Let us have more effective legislative structures in place to shape the way we care for one another to build a better society.

We, the residents of Singapore, call on the AVA and the corresponding legislation, to look into implementing harsher penalties for cases of animal abandonment, abuse and neglect.

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