#Law Reform
Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb
United States of America

Indiana's hit and run punishments (leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death) need revised. Why are some of these charges not "involuntary manslaughter?" These incidents have risen by 100%. As it stands, these drivers who flee will only be sentenced with six months to 3 years in jail with a measly misdemeanor charge, and in a lot of cases they only serve half of their sentence. It is widely known that is illegal to leave an accident, especially when someone is hit and dies. If the charge was a felony with couple more years added to their sentencing, perhaps they'd try to stay and help their victims rather than fleeing and letting them die alone, on the side of the road. If only these drivers understood that families and law enforcement are so much more forgiving when you stay and take responsibility.

We, the undersigned, call on Governor Eric Holcomb to review Indiana's hit and run punishments. If the charge of "leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death" was changed to "involuntary manslaughter" and the misdemeanor was raised to a felony with longer sentences, perhaps these drivers would be more prone to stick around and wait for the police and ambulance instead of receiving "leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death."

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