#Civil Rights
United Nations, White House, U.S Capital (Senate and Congress)
United States of America

Here;s the list of reasons:

1. Moral police would imprison and criminalize many innocent people because the world government or world court is offended by innocent peoples beliefs and actions.

2. If the world government became compromised there could be no revolution because the whole worlds guns and weapons would be confiscated therefore the whole world could become controlled in a dictatorship or cu-da-ta. That logic basically means a New World Order a whole world under control of a very few moral mongers and powerlord elites.

3. Many cultures will be destroyed because the moral police might decide certain normal cultures are immoral and may ban it worldwide therefore cultural persecution is legal worldwide.

4. Many religions will be destroyed because the moral lords might consider a certain religion to be immoral or has been tied up into another religion or is worshipped in a religion and wants to bar others for their own selfish cults.

5. The One World Government will wreck world/state sovereignty and end peoples loyalty to any country, and it also means that freedom and liberty may be at large risk and the start of a totalitarian society.

6. A One World Government will decide the laws of all and nobody could fight it because guns would be banned and they can't run from the world police either so bad laws would be enforced worldwide and no choice to be in a country you agree with.

7. There's no guarantee that there will be no corruption in this world government system because countries always fall and dictators always rise throughout history, and so what makes people think a One World Government will be any solution to any problem.

8. The rights of going to another country will be taken and there will be no escaping or fighting the system thats forced upon you.

9. Dirty, underhanded, and sneaky tactics have been used to bring fourth this One World Government and so the World Governance proposal has never been honest and so this would wreck all hopes of a better democracy worldwide.

10. This World Government would wreck everything our fore fathers and other liberty following, freedom supporting, patriots worldwide and would destroy all the work they have done for our country even though they made a few mistakes such as slavery we don't need to destroy the progress we have made with ending slavery forever.

11. A World Government may mean personal enslavement and the end to establishing our own identities while forcing world citizens to submit to world authority and invest their identity in this global government.

12. They would have control of food supplies and natural resources/minerals worldwide and can restrict or even deny food to hungry people.

13. The World Government will be run by the very few while billions will be forced to submit to the opinions and law making decisions of the very super few (No majority of people approval), and even if the majority approved of a decision it would be a threat to minorities of people throughout the world and would deny their personal rights and freedoms.

USWGO Official Political Campaign Petition:

The One World Government sounds good and all with unity, diversity, world peace, and a end to world poverty but there are some very big concerns that would make the One World Government a bad idea.

There is no doubt this One World Government is a bad idea and would be the worst idea since the invention of the Guillotine and the concentration camp. There are positive things out of a World Government but the negative things are far worse and that there are more cons then pros and this World Government will be the worst idea in human history.

Please show your support against the One World Government by signing this petition, we need at least half of the worlds population to agree with this petition to send this to the UN and the World Bank that we do not want a world government and that we are rather happy fixing our own governments problems and don't want to deal with a global authority over personal decisions and rights.

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