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Halo Custom Edition. The statement of custom mapping for many, including Machinima, Role Players, Explorers, Killers, Zombies, Flag Capturers, Experimentalists and the like. This game is loved by all for its versatility, uniqueness and plain old fun, but no more...

With the recent patch of 1.09 to HaloCE, what claimed to "patch for server crashing buffer overrun attacks. in addition to correcting the security issues this patch also corrects some 64bit issues with IE updates". But with the "great" update, we lost the function of Developer Mode. Dev is loved by all; Noobs, professionals and those who just like messing around. Some players cant even run the game without receiving errors such as "No Memory" or "Cannot find file strings.dll" when the file is in the right place.

For those who want to get a message to Bungie Developers and hopefully re-patch to allow the use of DevMode, or allow us to downpatch and just fix the issues altogether. Put your name here. Show there are still those in the community that care, that want this to be repaired. The fate of the Halo community depends on it.

Your faithful Halo player,

The Halo Community Unites. We will not be destroyed.

We must band together and get our RIGHTS BACK!

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