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1. Stop Ghosts From Wearing Clothes

Ghosts have always traditionally been portrayed as both dead, and fully clothed in the attire in which they jossed it (escaped their mortal coils). No matter what your views on any form of afterlife, only a complete moron who had spent too long investigating spirits of a more `bottled` nature could ever believe that the clothes the deceased was wearing at the time of their demise would also somehow become `ghostified`.
It is a complete joke to assume any clothing material would assume any spiritual nature simply because the person who happened to be wearing it should cease to exist in any physical form. Any civilized ghost would choose to reappear in the form in which they first took residence on earth - naked.
The time has come to put a stop to our ghosts appearing fully, or even partly dressed as it is an insult to our very humanity and intelligence.
The time has come to stand up for our ghosts and demand their human rights as dead people!

2. Sweets' Baby to be named Lance Sweets

Sweets was very near and dear to a lot of people's hearts.

It was so tragic and heartbreaking how he died so quickly.

So I am proposing the fact that the producers of Bones should name Sweets' and Daisy's baby Lance Sweets.

3. Bring out your DEAD: The Afrit Renuion

WE WANT This bad ass punk metal band to give the zombie squad another live horror show!

Coming out of the Southside of Chicago, these mother fu$%ers will BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!

4. Save our Holy Crosses on graves at Carpender's Park Cemetery

Brent Council have recently decided to return Carpender's Park Cemetery to grass, particularly Section HA (Catholic) and Section HB (Christian), where bereaved relatives and friends have maintained their loved ones graves for up to 6 years. Brent have employed outside contractors to strip our graves of the Holy Cross, Holy memorials such as Rosary Beads and religious statues, also digging up bedding plants.

They throw everything into bin bags, piled high in an outside yard, for collection by grieving owners. Brent then dehumanise each grave with a concrete paving slab, showing the grave number painted on in yellow paint. After this, they sow grass seed over each grave, meaning you cannot see where one grave ends and another begins, nor identify the person whose final resting place this is. Their despicable actions are deeply disrespectful of our Catholic/Christian Faith and show little regard for the feelings of the bereaved families and friends.

The Holy Cross is a symbol of our Catholic/Christian Faith, recognised as such worldwide. We request Brent Council extend equal consideration to our Faith as they already do to the Muslim community, who also support our campaign and whom we thank.

5. Stop dog poisoning in Turkey

Street dogs are still being poisoned in Turkey. The dogs suffer a horrible dead. This kind of poison is even harmful for small children. This is injected in meat or even bones, it is odorless or taste less.

Every year before the season starts the government "cleans" the streets. That means that the animals are being killed before the tourist arrive. Every year hundred of animals are being killed. This has to stop!

6. Close down "dead baby jokes" pages

I am making this petition as I came across a page on Facebook called "dead baby jokes" I am extremely upset that someone could make a group with this name And actually make jokes about dead babies!

I myself have suffered a miscarriage and I know thousands of other people have too and it was the worst experience of my life and to find out that people are getting entertainment out of it is very upsetting.

I am hoping with this petition that Facebook will close such pages down and no pages like this will be allowed to be made again.

7. Get 'dead baby jokes' page removed from facebook!/DeadBabyJokes

This site has been set up to make so called 'jokes' about dead babies. This page, however, makes reference to sexual content with children, rape, racial comments/jabs and allows users to upload pictures of dead babies on its page. There are pictures of dead babies in bins, pictures of children with disabilities running and so called funny comments attached.

The majority of people on facebook do not like this page, yet its numbers continue to grow and facebook still appear to be doing nothing about this. Why? There is no child protection to stop children of any age accessing this pages. My self and others believe that pages and their content should be approved and have strict security to ensure children cannot access this horrific content. It is also a very disrespectful page for women and families who have suffered the loss of a child as this has been reported to facebook previously.

Myself and others would like this page deleted by facebook once and for all and to make facebook pages more secure for it's users.

8. Stop Wal-Mart from Selling Live Fish

On April 14th, 2012, I bought 4 fish from Wal-Mart’s pet department in Sterling, VA ( store#2038). The sales associate indicated that those fish were suitable to live in a bowl and did not need a filtration system.

After taking the fish home, something didn't feel right and 14 hours later I took the fish to an aquatic specialist who told me that the fish should've never been sold in a bowl and are already displaying signs of sickness, their only hope for survival would be for Wal-Mart to put them back in their familiar environment and treat them. I went back to Wal-Mart, sick to my stomach with that information and asked to speak to the store manager. An associate came a few minutes later saying the store did not have a store manager at this point, they are going to hire a new manager in the coming days, however he was very sorry about what happened and would be glad to refund all of my money. I told him I wanted to make sure that the staff was trained appropriately and I would like to follow up and know what is going to happen to the fish since they needed medical treatment at this point. He told me "all fish that are returned at Wal-Mart, get destroyed", so there is nothing more he could do. Get this people; whenever you buy a live fish from Wal-Mart and return it for whatever reason, Wal-Mart kills the fish.

The multi-million dollar company doesn't want to invest to properly take care of these creatures and would dispose of every single fish being returned to them in the cruelest way possible just to cut costs. Needless to say, I refused the refund and took the fish back, after speaking to the aquatic specialist again, he told me I had 4 days to find a new habitat for the fish before they die, so I am currently looking for an organization, or an individual with a pond that would be willing to adopt these fish that would get murdered if returned at Wal-Mart. Given Wal-Mart’s business model and policy about these animals, they will never give proper care to the fish. This is a terrible act of animal cruelty, so please sign this petition to stop the suffering of thousands of fish at Wal-Mart.

Killing every fish that is returned to the store is a crime, it is inhumane and an utter disregard to the lives of these beautiful and helpless fish which are trusted to Wal-Mart's Care. No animal should ever be treated this way, allowed to suffer endlessly until its death!!!!

9. Remove HFCS From Our Foods!

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is known to be a contributor to obesity and a number of serious health ailments, but very few health experts and medical publications ever discuss the highly toxic substance hiding within a large percentage of HFCS — mercury.

Found in a large number of processed foods and sodas, mercury-containing HFCS is toxic in all forms and may be contributing to the rampant disease rates inside the Canada and elsewhere.

10. Show pictures of osama bin laden's corpse

Most people are interested in seeing a picture of Osama bin laden dead. The picture of him dead is a fake. We should be able to see the REAL pictures.

I don't think that releasing them will do any harm.

11. Make it law to report hitting or running over a cat whilst driving

I believe if you hit a cat whilst driving you should at the very least call the police, local council animal control or local vet and stay until they arrive if the cat is injured or even dead.

It would help us pet owners to know for certain what has happened to our beloved pets instead of wondering and worrying for years.

Cats are not feral if they live among a family who love them very much.

Most responsible owners have their cat micro chipped, which allows whoever has been informed about the injured/dead cat to notify the owners, also many cats have collars on with name, phone number or address .

12. Stop Using Dogs As Shark Bait

Day by Day - People use dog's simply as shark bait, In the French Islands.

The government believes it's ok, But it's not.

It's shocking to see this happening, and breaks everyone's heart.

13. Halo Custom Edition 1.09 - The Worst Patch

Halo Custom Edition. The statement of custom mapping for many, including Machinima, Role Players, Explorers, Killers, Zombies, Flag Capturers, Experimentalists and the like. This game is loved by all for its versatility, uniqueness and plain old fun, but no more...

With the recent patch of 1.09 to HaloCE, what claimed to "patch for server crashing buffer overrun attacks. in addition to correcting the security issues this patch also corrects some 64bit issues with IE updates". But with the "great" update, we lost the function of Developer Mode. Dev is loved by all; Noobs, professionals and those who just like messing around. Some players cant even run the game without receiving errors such as "No Memory" or "Cannot find file strings.dll" when the file is in the right place.

For those who want to get a message to Bungie Developers and hopefully re-patch to allow the use of DevMode, or allow us to downpatch and just fix the issues altogether. Put your name here. Show there are still those in the community that care, that want this to be repaired. The fate of the Halo community depends on it.

Your faithful Halo player,

14. Fix the Pacific Highway

The communities along the north coast of NSW have been waiting 20 years for the Pacific Highway to be upgraded to dual carriageway since two tragic bus accidents in Grafton and Kempsey claimed 55 lives.

An NRMA audit of the Pacific Highway in 2007 revealed that the highway's accident rate has increased in the past five years. There have been almost 10,000 car crashes on the road in the past decade in which 326 people have died and 3778 people were hurt or maimed.

The Pacific Highway upgrade needs to be fast tracked and delivered as soon as possible to reduce the road death toll and relieve the handbrake that the Pacific Highway places on regional economies.

15. Stop Puppy Mills!

At Puppy mills they "breed" dogs or so they call it, it's cold heartless torture. Animals go through hell there, they get diseases and most end up dieing.

They later ship those poor harmless creatures to pet shops using a truck. By buying animals from pet shops you help these cruel people so please lets try and stop them!

16. Release our friends from Iraq, Get US Soliders back to the US

US Soldiers are being killed in Iraq and Innocent people are being killed.

Bush has caused a huge problem and he is gonna fix it. Kids are missing there fathers and are dieing because of this war. Some of the soldiers returned back but we would like all of them to come back. Lives are being lost, children are being killed, country coming to an end, STOP THIS NOW.

PEACE AND LOVE. Bring peace to the Middle East and US. Peace FTW, PLEASE SIGN!