#Local Government
HPBC and other concerned organizations
United Kingdom

Hadfield and Tintwistle are villages in Derbyshire in desperate need of investement by the council. There has been no investement in provisions for the youth who have nothing to do, and no investement by this council at all.

The villages are is in desperate need of a regeneration plan and this council and other concerned organizations need to act now.

We, the undersigned residents of Hadfield and Tintwistle, believe that the root of the problems in our villages stems from council neglect. We call upon the council and other agencies to urgently act on the following issues:

An Immediate halt to all development at Rossington Park until further and proper consultation has taken place.

The removal of the illegally placed concrete huts at Bridge Mills
• The lack of youth provisions
• The shameful state of Bankswood Park
• The underage drinking culture
• The litter and dog faeces
• The appalling state of Station Road

We believe these issues to be extremely urgent and that a regeneration plan for Hadfield and Tintwistle is vital. As tax payers and voters, we demand drastic action now.

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