Northwest Youth Services & the Bellingham Community
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The following is a letter sent to Northwest Youth Services regarding the sale of the plot next to their building:

I feel that the little park should stay as it is; there isn't any decent green spaces in the proximity of downtown like there is in that little lot. Perhaps it is for sale so that the NWYS can fund future projects? I politely ask to persevere in fund raising activities instead of selling the lot. Many places are closing down around town because of the economy and in their place, empty storefronts. I feel that if this little green space were to be compromised, bulldozed down, and have a building erected in its place, it would suffer the same fate as the rest of the empty storefronts.

Selling it would offer a temporary solution for both the buyer and NWYS until the money ran out. I know that I sound a bit pessimistic about the economy, but my optimism lies in the preservation of the green space. If the lot is sold, the green space can never return. It is an overall loss to the local community.

I would like to suggest that perhaps a portion of lawn be turned into a vegetable garden (perhaps cared for by the youth you wish to assist). It flows with the NWYS mission to heal family relationships, connect youth to community and promote self-reliance. If instead of selling the lot, it became a garden, then perhaps the kids could sell their produce at the farmer's market and raise money in part for themselves (nurturing their self-reliance, confidence, and self-worth) and in part for NWYS (nurturing the organization's need for funding, fulfilling the mission statement, and assisting youth).

Please, consider this suggestion and do not sell the plot. Undestroyed green space is more valuable for the human spirit than its temporary dollar worth. I would appreciate a continuing dialogue about this subject, if you are open to it.

We, the undersigned, wish to kindly request that Northwest Youth Services not sell or build on the green space plot on State Street next to their building.

Green space in downtown is far more valuable to the human and community spirit than the business that may replace it.

Kindly consider a more sustainable method of utilizing the plot!

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