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Mr Al Fayed has for many years been unsuccessful in his attempts to gain a British passport and yet people from other countries apply and have done nothing for this country and yet they are given a British passport.

There are many so called british people who have been given passports and have done some horrible in this country and continue to do so and yet Mr Al Fayed has contributed to the UK economy in so many various ways, paying millions in taxes, employing thousands of staff all over the UK and more.

He silently without bragging about it, helps communities with projects they are doing, but he is not allowed to have a passport, WHY ?

He is in 80's and it is about time the UK Government gave this gentleman the one thing he really wants a BRITISH PASSPORT!

This e-petition is calling on the Prime Minister David Cameron and the UK Government to grant Mr Al Fayed a British Passpart.

Mr Al Fayed who is now in 80's has over the years contributed to the UK economy in many various ways and helped many communities within the UK.

We allow other people into the UK who do not contribute a fraction of what Mr Al Fayed has and we grant them a British passport.

In simple terms it is unfair to discriminate against a person in the ways the UK Government have to date with Mr Al Fayed.

As a people we demand that Mr Al Fayed is given his British passport without delay and before its to late!

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