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Due to the recent awareness of other Idaho schools getting to open up their gyms for fans to come and support their teams, this petition is an opportunity for our patrons and supporters to show we want to move in this direction. We are hoping to collect as many signatures as we can so we can show that supporting our kids is essential and should be an option for those supporters who want to and choose to do so.

From the Patrons of Prairie School District 242 and friends:

We ask that the following plan be approved and implemented regarding the 2020-21 boys and girls’ basketball season at Prairie High School located in Cottonwood, Idaho, beginning immediately until the conclusion of the seasons, February 2021 for the girls and March 2021 for the boys.

We are requesting that spectators be allowed into the PHS gym for games.
*Visitors and home guest seating areas will be labeled to keep them separated as much as possible.
*Social distancing will be recommended.
*The students who wish to attend will be assigned a designated area where they will sit without social distancing as they are together all day long at school.
*Masks will be highly encouraged.
*Two - four designated individuals will assist in finding seating if necessary.

No concessions will be provided at this time. May be reviewed at a later date as conditions allow.

The following CDC guidelines will be implemented:
*The sanitizing area will be located in the entrance lobby;
*Social distancing of 6 feet will be recommended;
*Masks will be highly encouraged when entering and leaving the facility
where social distancing cannot be practiced.
*Notices will be posted reminding people not to enter if they have
symptoms of Covid.

Finally, a note will be posted at the entrance that all entering the facility are entering upon their own risk.

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