"It is one of the most debated points of the beautiful game, and the argument for the introduction of technology in football was bought to the fore again today.

England midfielder Frank Lampard thought, along with the vast majority of people packed into the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein, that his cute lob had pulled England level against Germany.

Replays showed the ball to have landed at least a foot over the line, but two men remained unmoved, the referee and his assistant.

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter, the most vocal defender of keeping the game 'pure' sat watching in the stands. As the boos rang out at half-time he may well have turned a funny shade of red.

It was Blatter, along with football's rule-makers, who in March this year shut the door on goal-line technology and effectively ended any chance of video replays coming into the game.

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke said: 'The door is closed. The decision was not to go ahead with technology at all.' But a number of viable methods have been put forward in recent years, from the simple reference of a fourth official using TV replays to the implementation of HawkEye between the posts. HawkEye is already used successfully in cricket and tennis but is seen by FIFA as having no place in football.

Yet incidents like the one which damaged England's World Cup hopes keep happening and the impact of the decisions grows ever greater. Having occurred on the grandest stage of all, perhaps Lamparad's 'goal' can now be the watershed moment. Blatter will do well to remember the reaction." - Taken form an article by Matt Fortune of the Daily Mail.

Sepp Blatter needs to realise the truth about goal line technology, even if Germany played well there is no doubting whatsoever that the disallowed goal may have changed the complexion of the game and indeed many of the other decisions of the World Cup.

We, the undersigned, call on FIFA to consider the rightful introduction of goal line technology to football (soccer) games played around the world.

We feel it is our right to have a say on the outcome which is to be decided. It is us who bear the consequences of any action decided by FIFA and we feel the time has come where a decision can be made by one man no more.

The time has come where you listen to the fans.

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