#Science & Technology

Occupy-Science and Occupy love groups with New World Organizations including New Arab Organizations request open documentation for future war crimes from corporations such as Monasato and the National army.

It is evident that Europeans history of gas chambers and genocide existed. History repeats itself.

SEE journal enzymes.at, Indictments, and events by Global Activity Generations - GAG=MUT

We ask for all chemical warfare by Manasato within the state of Alabama in USA to cease.

We also ask that all world wars stop.

We support organizations for peace, unity, clean air and food.

Overseas, we support the FSA and wish that the American troops will keep out of Syria and return home.

Establish No fly and safe zones to manipulate the Aassad region. We recommend sanctions and request an equal money system, and to make it global by 2014, 99%. Disarm everyone everywhere and Destroy all weapons.

Bring awareness to every human being that every life is important. Abolish the UN because they should inspire binding arbitration upon all partners. This will help appeal to all anti corruption programs/projects to promote no torture, health clean air, food and transparency.

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