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Gender inequality is throughout this world today. From women not having freedom of speech to the significant gender pay gap in our society between men and women. A significant factor is that many young girls to women not having the RIGHT to an education-yet many boys to men do. TWO-THIRDS of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female. Many of the gender inequality problems would stop if these women were educated and had a higher chance at getting jobs and fighting for rights. The gender inequality would decrease against women, significantly.

According to UNESCO, 31 million young girls do not have the access to primary school education and 34 million girl adolescents do not have the access to secondary school education across the globe. Education can solve many problems-educating the girls and women can teach them about the dangers of this world and gender inequality-and how to stop it. As well, the educated women can teach their children (if they have any)-the younger generation. Denying girls and women the right to education is GENDER INEQUALITY!!

Women can have a better, clearer, fairer life with education. I am a lucky one and my life is a win on the lottery. I have the RIGHT to education and 95% of human rights-let alone women rights. But the truth is, that many women and girls around the world do NOT. Females are having a lesser of a chance at life-compared to males (who in many countries, do have the right to education). Education can END this inequality!!

Sign this petition to help girls have the right to education and STOP gender inequality! Help these women have a BETTER, BRIGHTER chance at life!



Education is a right for all women. Information is from UNESCO and Right-to-Education.org

2013 Result analyse:
-Educated women are less likely to die in childbirth.
-Girls with higher levels of education are less likely to have children at an early age (10%)
-Education is an equality right
-At the primary level 61 million children are out of school (a global out-of-school rate of 9%), 32.1 million, who are girls (53%).
-Educated women are more likely to find work
-If you educate women, they will be aware of the dangers and perhaps fight for equality
-Education is the basis of humanity
-If women have education, they can teach their children (the new generation)
-Education narrows pay gaps between men and women (Pakistan-women with a primary education ear 51% of what men earn and with a secondary education-77%).
-Fewer child marriages with education-due to education
-Education can save many lives due to...well...education!

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