Deval Patrick, David Maher, Thomas Menino

I am allergic to dogs, and have seen many in public parks where there are lots of signs telling dog owners kindly to have their dogs on leashes. However, I have seen many dogs NOT on leashes and this makes me very upset to see that the owners are not paying attention to the signs.

I have been on tons of chases where an eager dog (not on a leash) runs after me. Alot of owners when I tell them I am allergic to dogs they say their dogs are hypoallergenic, and they can be to some people, but not to me. I am allergic to all kinds of dogs, "hypoallergenic" or not. These dogs don't know better than to chase me, but their owners do.

The owners need to be more considerate to people who are allergic to dogs like me and keep their dogs on leashes.

We, the undersigned, believe that dogs should be kept on leashes in all public parks in Massachusetts and we call on Deval Patrick, David Maher, and Thomas Menino to enforce this.

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