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The world is filled with talented, creative artists who retain integrity of their craft in a world where the industry has become more about what sells; stifling quality & purity. More and more people are opting out of favoring the big names and instead find indie solo artists/groups via social media.

These artists are talented and work hard. If they can produce quality sounding material, their product(s) should have a chance to be heard as well. The industry (alone) shouldn't dominate what's played on the airwaves. Diversify and expand the horizons. Comment with names of your favorite indie artists!

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We, the fans, respectfully request your consideration in giving the unsigned artist community a chance to be heard by permitting their material to air on your network. This can be determined by a combination of factors, to include the following & music play-time the artist/group has acquired via social media. Should this request be granted a running list of recommendations will be found at http://www.talentsmagazine.com/

Thank you

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