#Human Rights

For many years I have felt like I was born in the wrong body, something was wrong with me. I was so depressed and lonely, I struggled for answers, I didn't feel like a male or female. Then several years ago I watched the film Transformers and the answer suddenly hit me, I was a Transformer in a human body. For years I have been living as a Transformer male, I often run around making car noises, I have found some happiness in my life.

BUT today I was triggered by facebook, I wanted to change my gender to transformer but it wasn't there. I set up this petition to try and get facebook to add my gender onto there list.

Please help me.

BRUM BRUM (that's "thank you" in my transformer language)

I want Facebook to add my gender (transformer) to their list of genders available.

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The Get the gender TRANSFORMER added to the Facebook list of genders petition to Facebook was written by david kirk and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.

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