The Attorney General in each state
United States of America

Youth in our nation need times of prayer and Biblical teaching in order to properly make decisions, and need to be encouraged to follow the LORD JESUS CHRIST who alone should be our law giver, judge and King.

Along with requesting times of prayer and Biblical classes in schools, we the undersigned also demand that all evolution classes and classes teaching non-biblical principals be stopped at once since this is teaching a lie to our youth. As the founders of this nation stated, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights .. . .." The founders of this country proclaimed a Creator, as do we. HIS name is JESUS CHRIST.

We the undersigned call on the state of California and all states to create mandatory classes in every grade that will teach the entire Bible to our youth beginning from the earliest grades and stages of development.

We also call for the elimination of all classes that teach and promote evolution and other non-biblical principals.

Times of prayer in schools also need to be provided for youth so we request this as well in all grade levels.

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