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THIS HAS TO WORK but at the moment THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PETITION SIGNERS! we don't have much time left, they are making their SS5 plans NOW! COME ON ELF! SPREAD THE NEWS!

Super Junior had a Super Show in France in April (2012), sadly it was not to England, but this is all because people let SM know how many people liked Super Junior there! So please ELFs pleeeeease, sign the petition. We can do this! We just have to work together!

Lets bring SS5 here! All we need to do now is show SM how much we want them to come here! To do that SIGN the petition and spread the news to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

POST this petition ON FAN SITES and ANYTHING ELSE you can think of! Thanks (:

If you like other K-Pop artists as well, then please sign Bring KPop Artists and Bands to the UK | Online Petition Thank you.

Please sign this petition! I know how much you want them to come to England, if they can go to France then they can come here. All you need to do is SIGN and spread the news so that others can aswell. Then we can tell SM Entertainment how many people want them to come.

Lets aim to get 1000 people to sign BEFORE the end of JUNE 2013! Now that Heechul is gone and Leeteuk will also probably not be able to be part of SS5 (it's sad but true) we should make sure other members (e.g. Yesung who will also be leaving in a year or so) be able to see the beauty of England and the awesome fans here!

If you're thinking "I don't want to sign the petition it asks for too much personal information" look carefully because there is a box which you can un-tick so that YOU CAN BE ANONYMOUS, and don't worry, no one will find out your e-mail, its just proof that I'm not faking people. The ONLY information you must enter is your first and last name (which can be anonymous), e-mail address and the verification code at the bottom. Please feel free to leave a comment (:

So like I already said, sign the petition and SPREAD THE NEWS!

Thank you ^^

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