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WMG on Youtube

Well ever since roughly the middle of 2008, the youtube group Warner's Music Group (WMG) has been becoming strict. They have been removing Audio from videos. WMG has been becoming very hated from not letting people put music on their youtube videos.

Not every video's music has been removed, but alot of it has! People have said that they even have seen their own music removed. Seriously, people lost music that they created them selves!

Not only music is being taken away, also videos. I was watching Lord of the Rings on youtube (yes they have the whole movie on youtube) and I realized that the best parts were tooken off. When I looked up and saw who took it off, it was WMG. yes! one of the greatest movies of all time, taken off by the wretched WMG!

Will be updated.

The fans of youtube and video making, request that you, Warner's Music group (WMG), let us put music on our videos freely.

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