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"Red Dwarf" is a hillarious space comedy from the UK. It Revolves around a character named Dave Lister,the last human being alive, Arnold Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunkmate, Holly, A crazy old computer, and a creature who evolved fom the ships cat. Sadly, the only place to view this TV show is only once or twice a week on local public television stations. Luckily, "BBC America" is now available to US citizens. BBC America is the BBC's network to show British TV shows here in the States. Please Sign this petition to persuade BBC America to pick up RED DWARF! They have nothing to lose, only to gain viewers. If we can get enough people to sign,BBC America will see the volume of people like the show and ,in turn, place it back on the air. Once again I urge you, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!

***To Learn More info about this TV show go to "RedDwarf.com or Red Dwarf.co.uk"***

We, the undersigned, ask BBC America to reconsider their current program schedule and broadcast "RED DWARF".

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