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Friends, subscribers, almost 8 years of loving supporters!

Help us get back on You Tube (our long-term channel). It has been my job (our work, especially for me) for over 7 and 1/2 years, and yet one day last week they just axed our account after SOOO much work, and lesser pay than deserved, but we were building up fast, with over 61k subs, but much more work to get there than some, and for NO VALID REASON - NO EXPLANATION.... OUR LONG-TERM FAMILY CHANNEL CANNOT BE SEEN ON YOU TUBE OR ANYWHERE, AND WE CAN NOT SIT BACK & TAKE THIS!!!!! WELL OVER A THOUSAND VIDEOS - NOT SEEN & GONE IN AN INSTANT. No email warning of anything, and our fans have no clue what is going on, as do we!

We follow the guidelines, this is our only source of income, we have nothing but... nobody seems to care, as far as YT is concerned, yet they show near pornography AKA nudity, guys making out online, I can prove all of these things, cursing HEAVILY, and many other 'YT rules' BROKEN beyond wods for children to see and view, unfortunately, but that is OK! We do NOT break such rules AT ALL.. we are a family channel!

We have SO many fans that we meet nearly daily while out, which feels so awesome, more so than money, but we do need the money too, as my husband awaits his deserved disability. We are constantly told that our girls inspire others, and now they are devastated, as am I who does soo much work every day to keep our channel fresh and to make well-deserved money for our needy family. THIS IS NOT FAIR IN THE LEAST & NEEDS TO BE FOUGHT!

Help us,.... spread the word, and let's make a difference!! I am so distraught.. my children distraught.. this is our life, our lives.. this can't go unheard! IT MUST BE FOUGHT IN THE NAME OF INNOCENCE!!!

Thank you friends and fans!

The Possible family!

Support Twinpossible. We have broken NO RULES, we inspire others & did NOTHING to deserve our channel suddenly & shockingly taken. PLEASE SIGN & GET TWINPOSSIBLE BACK ON YOU TUBE!

Thank-you fans.. friends!

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