David Archuleta's managment, David Archuleta's fans

Mike Krompass and Dave Filice were the best guitar and bass players David Archuleta ever had. Mike has been with David since the beginning, co-wrote 2 songs from David's debut album with him, 2 songs from David's new album The Other Side Of Down, and produced one of the songs as well.

Dave Filice was David's bassist on his summer tour 09 and his Christmas From The Heart Tour 09. Both are great guys and great musicians, and lots of fans have really gotten to know both of them and have almost become friends with them. If they're not in the band for David's next tour, it really won't be the same.

Sign if you agree and want Mike and Dave back in the band! Because Mike and Dave weren't just "part of the band", they were part of the family.

We, the David Archuleta fans, wish for David's management to put Mike Krompass and Dave Filice back in the band for the TOSOD tour!

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