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Following a recent incident in Stoke Park Woods, it has become apparent that some industry dog walkers (who get paid for their service) are putting other dog walkers, families and walkers off visiting Stoke Park Woods and other local public areas.

There have been numerous incidents of groups of large dogs jumping up at children, meaning they are now scared of dogs, and people who are often felt threatened by a large group of barking dogs, and leading to concerns of an increased danger of attacks on other pets or humans.

There have also been reports of industry dog walkers visiting other local areas, such as Knowle Park, where dog walkers arrive in two vehicles and let up to 12 dogs jump out and run off into the park uncontrolled, and Shawford Down, where a professional dog walker is letting out 15 dogs! If you are out walking your own dog this can be intimidating and frightening.

There is currently no legislation covering professional dog walking businesses. The aim of this petition is to ask for dog walkers to be regulated and stop them taking out this many dogs.

We understand that the maximum number of dogs a professional dog walker is recommended to take out at any one time is six – any more than this should be deemed unlawful.

If you or anyone you know has experienced problems when out walking in Eastleigh and its surrounding areas, whether it was with your dog or children etc.,) please contact the Animal Welfare Officer at Eastleigh Borough Council, to report the incident. Unless we let them know about the incidents nothing can be done control it. Please be aware that your report can be treated anonymously.

This petition is supported by an industry dog trainer/walker.

Please sign our petition and let's make our local area a safe place for everyone to visit once again.

We, the undersigned, request that professional dog walkers are regulated.

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