National Food Buyers of Sainsbury's
United Kingdom

Consumers choose foods free of animal products for many reasons. Scientific evidence suggests the production of plant-based food contributes significantly less to environmental damage and climate change than animal farming.

Many religions require devotees to adhere to meat and dairy free diets during certain celebrations. People often choose a diet free of animal products for ethical reasons as they don't agree with modern factory farming methods. Health is another major factor. A plant-based diet is completely free from cholesterol.

With plant-based food choices becoming increasingly popular amongst UK consumers, it is time for major food suppliers such as Sainsbury's to answer this call for more vegan choices in their aisles. Brands such as Quorn and Linda McCartney have monopolised UK stores but very few of their items cater to people who want animal-free food.

Sign the petition to urge Sainsbury's to carry vegan food. The petition will be sent to Sainsbury's on your behalf.

You can also email the following Sainsbury's contact to strengthen your request:

Matthew.Smith@sainsburys.co.uk Frozen Meat Buyer

Dear Sainsbury's,

As a long time Sainsbury's customer, I am asking you to stock the full range of Fry's Vegetarian vegan frozen food products. This line is the most comprehensive and extensive range of meat and dairy free products available in the UK.

You have the chance to be the first High Street supermarket to make the commitment to your customers that you are moving toward environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free and healthy meat alternatives.

Sainsbury's stocking the Fry's Vegetarian range will certainly inspire me to carry out my weekly grocery purchases in your supermarkets. I am dedicated to purchasing animal-free foods and look forward to buying the Fry's range from Sainsbury's for many years to come.

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