Mark Bullock, known in our community (read: the United Fucking States of Amurica) as UK, UK Redskin, or @UKRedskin1 needs to get paid.

His work on Hogs Haven, Mocking the Draft and others is simply too good to be ignored, especially considering the state of his poor rainy country's NFL coverage. One of the largest sports networks in Britain, SkySports has some twat named Simon Veness running their whole US sports section. This is some limey douche who runs a travel site, and a blog titled "A Brit Guide to Orlando". I'll pause to let that sink in. In any case, that's horseshit.

Let's get Redskins nation together and tell those Sky execs they need to get a real American Footie expert on the airwaves. HTTR.

Bullock needs to get paid.

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