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The Neopets staff decided that since some people's internet connection could not support it, glow and shadow fonts are no longer allowed in the chat boards. I find this very unfair. I like to express myself, and designing a font is one of the ways I am able to do that. If you're like me, then I'd really appriciate it if you'd sign this petition!

Dear Neopets.com staff. I, along with the 1000 people whom signed the petition, wish for you to allow the usage of the glow and shadow effect in the neoboards. We find it unfair that you removed theses effects without consulting all users (by way of poll or some other form or informing us) on the issue. We feel it decreases what freedom in expression we have on your site. If you don't mind, we would very much appriciate it if you over-through your original thoughts and allow the usage of glow and shadow in fonts.

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The Get Back Glow/Shadow In Chat petition to http://www.neopets.com was written by Katie Reed and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.