every All Time Low fan in Toronto!

All Time Low are a Toronto crowd favorite. They have been playing warped tour in Toronto for the past 2 years and the fact that they aren't playing this year's toronto date is not fair.

This petition is an attempt to get All Time Low to play the toronto warped tour show. This petition will also show how much all time low are loved by toronto people and therefore is the main reason they should be at the toronto warped tour.

LAST YEAR, the boys won the energizer extra 10 MINUTES at our date, they only won 4 dates, they NEED to be here!

All of you Toronto All Time Low fans who were outraged that All Time Low werent among the many bands playing at the toronto warped tour.

This is the chance to get your voice heard and also this is the chance to make a difference that will affect your whole summer.

Sign this petition to make your dreams come true and get All Time Low to play the toronto warped tour.


Sign this petition or Alex Gaskarth will shave off all his hair if you don't!
..and i know how much you ladies love it ;)

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