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Stetson Hills HOA Board of Directors
United States of America

The Stetson Hills CC&R's were written towards the aim of protecting our largest investment -- our homes. The Stetson Hills board of directors does not recognize that allowing unfinished wood on the private access gates of the homes in our community to become blackened over time is a detracting element which is negatively impacting our homes' values. Furthermore, the board does not acknowledge nor recognize that this is in violation of the CC&R's, which is the governing document of our association.

Specifically, the CC&R's brought to bear read as follows:

1.27 "Improvement" means: (a) any Residential Unit, building, fence or wall; (b) any swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, road, driveway, parking area or satellite dish; (c) any trees, plants, shrubs, grass, granite or other landscaping improvements of every type and kind; (d) any statuary, fountain, artistic work, craft work, figurine, ornamentation or embellishment of any type or kind (whether or not affixed to a structure or permanently attached to a Lot or Parcel); and (e) any other structure of any kind or nature.

3.8 Repair of Buildings. No Residential Unit, building, structure or other Improvement on any Lot, Parcel or other property shall be permitted to fall into disrepair and each such Residential Unit, building, structure and other Improvement shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished.

We, the undersigned homeowners of the Stetson Hills Homeowners Association, call on the Stetson Hills HOA board of directors to enforce the CC&R's as they are written.

In particular, CC&R's 1.27 and 3.8 as they relate to the private access gates (1.27 e) in that they are required "at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished."

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