For years, Mac users have been promised to have a full version of MSN featuring Nudges, Winks, Webcams and everything you would expect with a normal Windows MSN.

Mac users are aware that there is a current version of MSN, however this is the most basic version you could expect as this has no Winks, Nudges, Webcams, Voice Clips, Background images and everything else.

We think that Microsoft should stop promising us MSN, and to actually do it. Microsoft claim to be the masters of computing and technology, so how hard could it be to make MSN for Macintosh?

As Microsoft are a global computing company, it would be only fair for them to release a full MSN version for other operating systems.

Us Mac users don't wish to be discriminated by not being allowed MSN because we are not a Windows user, its time for all Mac users to have a proper full MSN.

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