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Dear Torrid,

This is a petition for Hot topic, as I am one myself at the age of 14, you might not think this is important, but it is for most of the teenagers in Australia, we're begging for one but can't do anything about it, well, now I'm going to put in an effort to bring Hot topic to Sydney and everywhere else in Australia.

The stores here in Sydney are all the same pretty much, we want new things from around the world. Let there be a Hot topic in Australia.

2. Shut Down

About two years ago I started to get MSN friend requests from people who I didn't know. When I went to their profile I found their "favorite quote" saying "Hey check out Http://" I did a bit of research and found out Hey111 was just some person trying to hack people's MSN accounts.

Eventually the requests stopped and for about two years they didn't come back. Now I've been getting these requests back and I'm getting these about 4 times every day.

A list of MSN names will be recorded and posted somewhere so you know who to be aware of.

3. Expand the Functionality of the Nintendo DSi

For years, many handheld games and mobile devices have overwhelmed millions of people worldwide, specially Nintendo with its unique handhelds like their Nintendo DSi.

And such a successful handheld can be improved in different of ways. For example, giving more versatility to the system by adding common every-day applications that we see in many other appliances (such as Cell Phones, Computers other handheld games, etc.) like IM, Twitter, Myspace, and more to its Nintendo DSi Shop.

And since Nintendo is such a success, all of this can be fullfilled.

4. Code Geass season 3

We want a season 3 in Code Geass, beceause the answer wasn't answered yet. Almost everybody knows that Lelouch is not dead ( the leading man ).

Please! I'm begging you to have another season of this anime...

5. Restore Post Study Work Visas

This is a petition requesting all international graduates from UK Universities to fight for rights for the post study work visa. So many international students have been rejected the post study work scheme because of shortfall in funds which was not clearly explained. This is unfair and seriously questions the credibility of this rule as it is intentionally meant to rob students of their post study work permit. This is discriminatory and racist.

6. Swiftly Bring Back MSN Sharing Folders!

We do realize that Msn Messenger Version 9 has a "publish share folders online" feature located in the files drop down box, however, we all believe sincerely that the MSN Sharing Ability (without use of the Internet, with personal sharing between person to person) brought about on Version 8.5 was absolutely superb!

7. Full MSN For Macintosh

For years, Mac users have been promised to have a full version of MSN featuring Nudges, Winks, Webcams and everything you would expect with a normal Windows MSN.

Mac users are aware that there is a current version of MSN, however this is the most basic version you could expect as this has no Winks, Nudges, Webcams, Voice Clips, Background images and everything else.

8. Make Apples easier to use

I have had lots of problems with Apple when I use Microsoft programs.

9. MLS&E Company in Toronto Has Too Much Power over Hamilton getting a NHL Franchise

Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment alongside with the NHL Commissioners Gary Bettman has to much power over Hamilton Ontario gettinga NHL Franchise in the city.

10. MSN Messenger should have mood icons

Have you ever been in a crappy mood on msn? People talk to you and not know of it and get the brunt of your bad mood? Yeah? Sucks. For both you and them.

Hence the reason for the newest version of MSN (whenever it's next updated) to have mood icons.. don't care how, just think it's a good idea.

Then you know to talk to people in the right state of mood or comfort the ones in the bad moods....Mhmm :)

11. The Haunted Mansion 2

The First one was Good. We can ues a Sequel.

12. Stop aniaml testing now!!!

Animal testing is worng!! animals have there rights and we need to help them get them back!! ever day aniamls are killed from this bad thing called animal testing!!

Please sign this petition and make a difference. I know we can do this!!

Thank you! 500 words is the limit.

13. Bring Back Max Steel!

For all of you who miss the TV show 'Max Steel'.

As we know, the brilliant show ended after its developers cancelled it a few years ago. The fans of Max Steel need to unite so we can try and bring back the show or at least get the classic episodes to re-run.

YOUR vote can and will make a difference!

14. droits des parrains et parrainés du Québec

Suite à des demandes de parrainage qui sont refusées pour des raisons discriminatoires et racistes pour certains, nous demandons l'appui des gens pour faire réouvrir les dossiers et faire accepter le fait que les mariages entre les québécois et québécoises et des étrangers sont bien légitimes, authentiques et de bonne foi.

Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada donne comme raison qu'elle veut nous protéger des conséquences qui pourraient arriver si le mariage ne fonctionne pas, mais nous croyons plutôt qu'elle veut contrôler nos vies en nous empêchant de décider ce qui est bon pour nous et ce qui est mal.

Nous avons le droit de décider avec qui nous sommes heureux et avec qui nous voulons vivre. Si nous voulons vivre avec un étranger c'est bien souvent parce que nous avons vécu des expériences désastreuses avec des québécois et que nous ne voulons plus revivre la même chose, nous voulons seulement être heureux et c'est très souvent avec des gens de différente culture que nous trouvons l'équilibre et le bonheur, alors qu'on nous laisse vivre notre bonheur et qu'on nous laisse décider ce qui est bien et ce qui est mal pour nous.

Nous vous demandons de nous donner votre appui pour aller déposer la pétition à Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada à Ottawa et faire changer certaines choses avec lesquelles nous sommes en désaccord et demander plus de justice lors des entrevues et des appels, qu'on ne juge pas les gens sur les réponses qu'ils donnent parce que ce n'est pas dans les normes personnelles de l'agent, mais bien en rapport avec la relation entre les conjoints, leurs projets personnels et non les projets qu'ils devraient avoir selon l'agent car bien souvent ces agents ne connaissent rien aux coutumes du pays et ils sont dans l'erreur et ne jugent pas équitablement le candidat qui se présente devant eux. Ils doivent savoir que les dites coutumes ne sont pas toujours suivies à la lettre et ce, même par les gens du pays, alors qu'ils jugent les demandes en fonction de ces coutumes qui sont très souvent ignorées parce les gens évoluent et ne respectent pas toujours les rites et coutumes de leur pays.

Alors nous vous demandons de bien vouloir nous appuyer en signant la pétition pour que nos demandes aient plus de poids et plus de chances d'être accueillies et qu'on arrête de traiter les gens honnêtes de la sorte alors qu'on donne bien souvent le visa à des gens après 5 minutes d'entrevue et 3 questions qui ne sont pas en rapport avec le parrainage et on refuse le visa aux gens qui donnent toutes les preuves de leur bonne foi avec preuves à l'appui.

15. Characters for Brawl on Nintendo

Hi, i am a fan of nintendo and i would like to know wich characters you would want on brawl.

16. papermario2

Does any one know how to make some recepies for paper mario2 ?