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The County of Grande Prairie

I have lived in Clairmont most of my life and the sudden news of changes at Equine City saddens me. My granddaughter who suffers from Tourettes plus other disabilities takes riding lessons at Equine City and the staff is wonderful with the children.

With having a child with Tourettes it’s hard to find a place that will even accept her in a program. My granddaughter looks forward to each lesson and the new things she will learn.

As friends of Equine City, our goal is to keep all animal programs up and running. Equine City has so many things to offer such as family fun days on Sundays, riding programs even for children with Tourettes, horse riding instruction for any level and great birthday parties complete with hay, wagon or sleigh and pony rides, a petting zoo, summer riding camps, field trips and bonfires for student-adult groups.

The County of Grande Prairie is now trying to take all of this away because of a permit issue which arose due to a neighbor’s complaint! Equine City has been shut down for the family fun days, the pony birthdays parties and school field trips effective immediately and all booked events have to be cancelled now because the permit they hold is apparently not satisfactory.

We feel that this is unfair and are petitioning the closing of these programs. Please help us in our fight to keep Equine City’s programs open to the public.

Thanks to all of you in advance for your support in keeping this great place open to the public.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning your decision to close the public animal programs at Equine City located at TWP 744 aka Webster Road in Sexsmith.

Equine City is the only horse ranch in the greater Grande Prairie Area that offers family friendly activities for children and adults alike. It’s a one-of-a-kind place for our community.

Equine City offers birthday parties with hay, wagon (sleigh in the winter) and pony rides, a petting zoo, a wonderful and very safe playground, summer riding camps, and even fieldtrips and bonfires for student-adult groups.

Equine City is a small horse ranch where anyone can take their family on Sundays to enjoy the experience and excitement of petting a farm animal or riding a horse or pony.

Grande Prairie is rapidly growing and we need a place like this, we have public ball fields, ice skating rinks, dog parks, water parks; even a skate park and we deserve to keep our horse ranch as well. Equine City gives Grande Prairie an advantage over other counties: nowhere in the greater area of Grande Prairie is a there public place that you can go with your family and experience what Equine City has to offer.

The petting zoo has been enjoyed by several people from Grande Prairie and surrounding regions and the kids that have had their birthday parties out there loved it. If you take that away Grande Prairie will be no different than any other county.

For the first time we have a facility where families come can out and enjoy horse-related activities and the county wants to shut it down before most people have a chance to enjoy the services that are available.

My granddaughter takes weekly riding lessons at the ranch and loves it so much that still always wants to go to the Family Fun Days on Sundays too. The staff is absolutely wonderful with children, the ponies are tame enough for even the youngest riders, and the petting zoo animals can be enjoyed by all.

We hope you realize how important this ranch is not only to the residents of Clairmont but also to the residents of the greater Grande Prairie Area.

Please help us keep Equine City open to the public, show your support by signing this petition.

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