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I need a colostomy as I am a War Vet. and the time has come for me to have this op. as my wife can no longer carry on as she too is an OAP and in poor health.

The Welsh Assembly has told my Consultant in the hospital of my choice for 23 years now, that they will no longer fund my own Hospital. I am sure it would cost the Assembly a lot more to supply a not too clever Ambulance service to transport me from my home to Hospital, then take me home again.

By going in my own transport it saves the Welsh Office considerable ammount of money in travelling expenses.

We, the undersigned, would still like the Hospital of our choice, and call upon the Welsh Assembly to reconsider their decision to only use Hospitals in Wales, and to carry on the original funding.

It should be so under the "Human Rights Charter" I know the staff of Salisbury and have built up a report with them.

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