#Human Rights
United Nations

For over more than 50 years the tibetan people have been occupied by the chinese governemant.

This occupation has led to the repressement and the torture of more than the threemillion tibetan people. for over 1.2million tibetan people has already die during the chinese occupation.

The beautiful culture of tibet was nearly destroyed when chinese soldiers burnt many temples and buildings who are are crucial for the religion and culture of tibet.

Still now the chinese gouvernement motivates chinese people to live in tibet by giving them bounties, wich leads to the financial repression of the tibetan people.

Still today, the tibetan people have little rights. They can't critisize the chinese gouvernement, they can't talk to tourists, they may not have picture of His Holiness The Dalai Lama...

Many people live still in foreign countries because they're afraid to go back. Even H.H The Dalai Lama isn't safe if he goes back.

That's why we have to make sure that the UN and other international organisations cause an international pressure upon China to make sure the Tibetan people can live in peace and harmony whit their religion.

I ask you to please sign this petition to end the chinese occupation.

Thank you!

Free tibet by signing this petition! Make sure the chinese occupation ends before the beautiful tibetan culture disappeares forever.

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