#Human Rights
All Justice and Peace Loving People of the World

The God All Mighty Himself is the Most Just and He will judge the people on absolute and transparent Justice with all requirements and evidences of the Justice. He had created the entire Universe and all creatures on absolute truth and justice.

There is a perfect balance which requires us to establish the weight with justice. He has ordered us to not to transgress justice i.e. not to commit injustices. Therefore human civilization is characterized by justice.

On November 3rd 2007, Bush’s puppet created world record which must go in Guinness World Records as he arrested 60 Judges and took entire judiciary hostage. Never in the human history such an ugly incidence happened before! The Supreme Court was listening petitions against Pervaiz Musharraf which challenged his eligibility to run for the office of President while in active Government office and that is also in uniform and his attempt to get elected from dying assemblies with no fresh mandate of 160 million Pakistanis, when Musharraf with full backing of Bush abusing his powers and authority attacked the Supreme Court, High Courts and took both judiciary and all those judges who didn’t agree with him hostage.

He was sure that Supreme Court’s decision will not be in his favor and therefore instead of abiding by law he committed the worst possible crime and contempt against judiciary and peoples’ right to seek justice.

We the undersigned request the Government of Pakistan to liberate judiciary from being hostage and bring back the status of the judiciary to November 2, 2007 status.

We request all peace and justice loving people of the world to support our struggle to establish justice, peace and most fundamental human rights. All those who cooperated with the unconstitutional and unlawful acts of Musharraf may that is Bush Government or others who sold out themselves and grabbed the opportunity to get worldly benefits must also be duly punished for assisting in crime against humanity.

The lawlessness breeds to more lawlessness and violence. Hence in order to bring peace and establishment of justice if you agree with this petition, please sign and submit. God willing your support to establish justice will go a long way to help world humanity and may the God All Might reward you in both worlds for your noble support.

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