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New York State Division of Parole
United States of America

Salih Abdullah #74-A-2614 has been incarcerated since January 21, 1973.

In determining whether to release Salih on parole, the New York State Board of Parole are required to consider and adhere to the "Legislative Mandate" pursuant to Executive Law ss 259i(2)(c)(a).

This has not been done in Salih's case; he has more than Satisfied all the requirements of the relevant Sub-sections of "Executive Law ss 259i(2)(c)(a) which actually qualified him for parole release years ago.

Whose interests are being served when parole is withheld or denied ? If you would like to see fair parole practices implemented for Salih and other New York State prisoners.

Please Sign this Petition.

Salih's many Parole Hearing Release Decisions are in direct violation ofthe "Legislative Mandate in Exective Law ss259i," that establishes the standards to which the Parole Commissioners must adhere when considering prisoners for parole release.

It is inevitable that people make mistakes, but it is how Society understands those mistakes and responds to them; this determines whether or not those individuals will ever be good in Society again. Prisoners in New York State and throughout the U.S. are unlawfully and unjustly denied parole release for the same reasons over and over again. This Must Stop !

By signing this Petition you will be making your voice heard for those people in NYS Prisons who have been denied parole release unjustly after appearing before the Parole Board more than once.

Salih needs your Support in order to show that he deserves a chance to be paroled after all these years, and that he can be a productive, law-abiding citizen, and most of all that he is ready to be re-united with his family members. His next Parole Board appearance will be held in November of 2007 (this year).

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