#Human Rights
United States House of Representatives
United States of America

The high cost of acquiring and securing a patent is impeding entrepreneurism and innovation. There are many Americans with great ideas for an invention that will never act on their inspiration due to the high cost of securing a patent.

Let's make it a right for all American citizens to receive one free patent and thus get the economy going again with engaging the American Spirit.

To: The United States House of Representatives

We, the undersigned call on the House to introduce and pass a bill that gives, to all American citizens, the right to a one time free patent of their invention. The purpose being, to generate innovation and entrepreneurism.

We know it is not up to us to decide how this will be paid for, one way would be to have the inventor pay back the costs after the invention is profitable.

We thank you in advance for all of your hard work and hope you take this idea as seriously as we do.

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